Nespresso ® compatible black tea and cocoa capsules

Nespresso ® compatible black tea and cocoa capsules

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Nespresso ® compatible organic cocoa black tea capsules. Here is an original capsule combining the goodness of black tea with the delicacy of cocoa, deliciously accompanied by a note of vanilla. You are curious, you like tea, discover this Nespresso ® compatible capsule

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Capsul&bio is a French brand developing a very wide range of tea for nespresso ® coffee makers. This cocoa black tea capsule marks the originality of this brand. Developing this recipe requires expertise, you will find in this one organic Chinese black tea sumptuously accompanied by cocoa, finished with a hint of vanilla.

As a reminder, just as coffee contains caffeine, black tea contains theine, (a form of caffeine) with exciting properties, this drink is ideal for giving you a little boost. On the other hand, to have a good night's sleep, avoid consuming it in the evening.


This Nespresso ® compatible biodegradable capsule is recommended for a volume of water of 150 ml: press 1 long + 1 short.
However, you can lengthen your drink to suit your tastes.


These Capsules are compatible with Nespresso ® coffee makers from 2010 (except Nespresso ® professional machines and the Vertuo®).


100% plant-based capsules are heat sensitive. Also, it is recommended to wait until the machine is warm (the buttons no longer flash) before inserting the capsule. The ideal is even to carry out an empty cycle thus allowing to rinse your coffee maker. Similarly, it is advisable to wait about ten seconds between 2 capsules. If your capsule is deformed after the passage of water, it is completely normal; no worries.

Storage conditions

We advise you to keep the sachet in a cool and dry place and we recommend that you consume them within 45 days after opening the sachet.

Data sheet

Capsules compatible with :NESPRESSO®
Type de capsules compatiblesCAPSULES PLEINES
Compatible capsules of:TEA
Recommended quantity of water :150 ml
Type of Tea :BLACK TEA
Organic coffee :THE BIO
Biodegradable compatible capsules :YES
Capsules zéro déchet - Ok Home CompostNon
Fair Trade Capsules :NO
Number of capsules in one box :10

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