-5% Nespresso ® compatible organic black tea capsules pack

-5% Nespresso ® compatible organic black tea capsules pack

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This pack consists of 30 capsules of each organic reference Nespresso-compatible organic black teas from the Capsule and Organic brand. Take advantage of this pack to discover the three references of biodegradable organic tea capsules.

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Ce pack de 30 capsules de Thé Noir compatibles Nespresso ® se compose de :


10 Vanilla Black Tea capsules

Capsules of Black Tea from China flavored with Organic Vanilla.
This Chinese black tea from organic farming is flavored with vanilla.

Thé noir chai_compatibles_nespresso

10 Chai Black Tea capsules

Chai black tea capsules for Nespresso® coffee makers. Thai black tea is a drink with multiple health benefits, it promotes digestion, is anti-inflammatory, promotes digestion....
Capsules de thé noir de la marque française Capsul bio

10 Earl-Grey Black Tea capsules Capsul&Bio

Nespresso ® compatible biodegradable capsules of Earl Gray Organic Black Tea from the French brand Capsule&Bio.
This Chinese black tea from organic farming is flavored with bergamot. These capsules are aluminum free and 100% biodegradable. This Earl GRAY Black Tea is certified organic: FR-BIO-07

Data sheet

Capsules compatible with :NESPRESSO®
Type de capsules compatiblesCAPSULES PLEINES
Compatible capsules of:TEA
Type of Tea :BLACK TEA
Organic coffee :THE BIO
Biodegradable compatible capsules :YES
Fair Trade Capsules :NO
Number of capsules in one box :10
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Capsules compatible with Nespresso ® coffeemakers:

Cafetière Nespresso ®
Krups Citiz
Cafetière Nespresso ®
Krups Essenza
Cafetière Nespresso ®
Krups Maestria

Cafetière Nespresso ®
Magimix Inissia

Cafetière Nespresso ®
Magimix Essenza m100

Cafetière Nespresso ®
Magimix Pixie

cafetière_nespresso_magimix_citizCafetière Nespresso Magimix Citiz Milk cafetière_nespresso_magimix_UCafetière Nespresso ® Magimix U Milk cafetière_nespresso_magimix_maestriaCafetière Nespresso ® Magimix Maestria Milk
Cafetière Nespresso ®
Magimix Citiz
Cafetière Nespresso ®
Magimix Citiz Milk
Cafetière Nespresso ®
Magimix U
Cafetière Nespresso ®
Magimix U Milk
Cafetière Nespresso ®
Magimix Maestria
Cafetière Nespresso ®
Magimix Maestria Milk

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